At Enkidesign, creating stunning swimming pools set in functional well designed landscapes is our business and our passion.

The success of your project rides on the quality, care and rigour that we bring to the design process; it is true that behind every quality swimming pool is a great design, and this is how we turn average projects into outstanding projects.

Our talented team brings 15 years experience to the table, placing a strong emphasis on liaising with you, our clients, allowing a free-flowing dialogue to develop between client and designer ensuring that your design brief is realized.

More than just swimming pool design…

More than just swimming pool design…

Designing lifestyles

We pride ourselves on the quality, care and rigor implemented throughout the design phase of your project, and we offer some of the most all-inclusive design services available:

  • In depth design consultations and brief development
  • Comprehensive swimming pool and landscape design packages
  • Coordination of the negotiated tender process
  • Feasability & budget advice

Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual project, such as:

  • Suburban families renovating their outdoor spaces
  • New home builds or extensions
  • Rural acreages on the fringes of metropolitan Melbourne
  • Lifestyle properties like beach houses or country retreats

On every new project, we aim to establish a solid working relationship with our clients early in the design process; a relationship that is based on trust, respect and honesty.

Do I really need a design?

Behind every built project is a design that has been crafted between client and designer. It is the blueprint that’s used as a reference by the many parties involved in the delivery of your project. It allows construction quotations to be produced accurately, changes to be implemented easily and all works delivered seamlessly.  Communication around the details of your project is efficient because everyone involved has the same, accurate set of information.


So yes, it is critical to have a design in place before you start your project!

For total peace of mind…

For total peace of mind…

How the design phase works

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, and having a design in place is the best way to integrate a pool into its surrounding landscape. That is why our design process is comprehensive, empowering you to realise your dream of a swimming pool and landscape built to the highest quality and apply the best possible design solutions to your outdoor spaces.


Your initial design consultation is held at the site of your project to facilitate discussions around access, neighbouring conditions, spatial layouts and possible design solutions.

Research & Foundations

We conduct a thorough site analysis & physical assessment of your property including surveying existing features & levels, researching property information & checking council requirements.

Design Development

Initial concepts are explored from your brief, the early concepts are then developed. Finishes, heights, materials palette and planting concepts are finalised.  Finally costs are cross checked to ensure the design is on budget.

Presentation & Feedback

In our purpose-built presentation space, we will walk through the design with you via easy to read plans & 3D modelling. Physical samples of products & materials will be available to look at, & you will be encouraged to provide your feedback on the design.


The final design concept is then packaged with accompanying drawings. Once complete, we handover the package to our preferred construction partners so that they can prepare detailed construction quotations for your swimming pool and landscape.

The final design package varies from project to project, but generally includes:

  1. Scaled architectural landscape plans including elevations
  2. 3 dimensional artistic renders of the proposed design
  3. Cost estimates from our preferred construction partners
  4. Details of bespoke design features
  5. Materials, finishes, products and style guide
  6. Planting schedule
  7. Detailed annotations and concept notes

Want to know if our services are right for you?

Want to know if our services are right for you?


If you are thinking about putting in a swimming pool or maybe the pool is just one part of a larger outdoor project, then get in touch – we would love to have a chat about how our design services can make your dreams a reality.

Contact us today to book a meeting with our design team, who will explain how our approach avoids all the headaches that normally come with a big construction project.

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