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Swimming pool design"A quality swimming pool design is the beginning of your new Enkipool."

Every project should begin with a quality landscape, architectural or garden design. A great outcome is achieved through planning, is at this stage through the creation of the design where all the critical detail are fleshed out. Whether your looking for an award winning finish or a simple pool to compliment your home it begins with the design. Enkipools collaborates and works closely with Melbourne’s best designers to implement your project. Design fees will vary depending on the detail, size and work involved. Please contact us for a recommendation for an experienced and trusted designer that can complement the needs of your home, lifestyle and family.

3D DRAWINGSEnkipools-swimming-pool-design-blueprint-grid Should you wish to visualise a particular space more easily, 3-Dimensional drawings can be produced for any element of your concept. Although these drawings are only intended to give a basic representation, those clients that struggle to visualise 2-Dimensional plans find that the models are a valuable method of understanding their swimming pool design in greater detail.

Design documentation refers to precisely annotated drawings prepared to help pool and landscape contractors construct the pool and garden as the designer intended. Like architectural drawings for your home, this stage involves detailing specific elements of the landscape with dimensions, a full plant schedule, surfaces finishes, specifications, colours and construction notation. Design documentation is advised if your swimming pool design comprises structural elements which require precise adherence to the designer’s specifications or if you intend for an external contractor to build your garden without the services of the designer.

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