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Clever Pool Design

When Anna and Paul Marks considered building a pool they choose ‘Enkipools’ due to the in house design team lead by ‘Ian Barker’ and strong recommendations from other friends having been through the same process. 

Whilst many of Enkipool’s clients give them total design freedom, Anna and Paul had some very specific practical requests. The pool and garden needed to be designed for a fitness regime, not just as a purely recreational splash about pool. In addition a spa, water feature, a grassed area for two school age children and an area to place a dinning setting were required.

These types of requests are not unfamiliar to Ian and his design staff but the area in question was relatively small and with an extension approaching Ian needed to be economical with each component. The design staff at Enkipools, therefore set about designing a pool and surrounds with some clever qualities.

The pools oversized ‘swim out’ provides many benefits. The elongated steps give the impression of a larger pool volume. The long platforms also provide a generous area for little ones who are not yet swimming to paddle and play.

Adding steps and an additional swim out near the spa means that children ‘learning’ to swim can move from side to side in the pool without feeling the need to conquer the entire length of the pool. “It’s incredible how successful this feature is in family pools” says Ian. “Small children can push off from side to side, it’s like swimming an abbreviated lap.”

Setting the water feature and spa against the back boundary of course maximised the pool area and also provided a perfect focal point from inside the house.

Even with limited space the Enkipools design team has ensured that there is ample space within the pool area (that is behind the pool fence) to house a lounge (or two) and an umbrella. “A lounge, chair or table is great, even if they basically become props for towels and hats, such additions add interest, form and colour.”says Ian.

To maximise the time for family fun and frivolity the Marks’ pool is complete with many of the latest pool innovations. Paramount In-Floor Cleaning, Raypak Gas & Sunbather Solar heating and LED lighting systems all work in conjunction effortlessly with the AquaLink pool and spa system. Operated and programmable from inside the home the AquaLink is designed to minimise pool maintenance. ‘The pool is ready for use any time day or night, the returns on our investment cannot be measured’ says Paul.

Adjacent to the pool enclosure is the dining table and chairs, the granite pavers used around the pool have been placed as stepping stones in this area.
With all requests met, the Marks family are delighted with their new pool and garden. Summer and winter the pool is a terrific source of pleasure for the family. Beautifully designed it is the ultimate of water features when not in use and the hub of family fun and relaxation when the family and friends are gathering.



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