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SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence 2013

Gold Award for Best Residential Concrete Pool – under $50,000

SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence 2013

Gold Award for Residential Concrete Pool (Traditional or Geometric) up to $50,000


Winner-2013-SPASA-award-for-excellenceThis pool is spectacularly designed, both aesthetically and functionally with the key to its success lying in the simplicity of the design. Innovative thinking has overcome the challenges of designing and constructing for a small space, while still creating a pool with maximum impact and ‘wow’ factor.

The biggest difficulty that was encountered during this project was the constraints of the very tight space of the courtyard, which could have been limiting in both a design and construction sense, as the proximity to the neighbours house was very close. This was overcome by spending lots of time communicating between the designer, pool builder and building surveyor to ensure that the project ran smoothly and was not only constructed to the designer’s vision but adhered to safety standards and did not damage the existing property in the process.

Pool compliance is an issue that must always be dealt with in the most innovative way possible in order to achieve both safety and style. In this case, the approach to the pool fence is exceptionally clever, utilising the pavilion/entertaining area as part of the fence and creating a very minimal but very safe and functional, well thought out space.

In keeping with the house (to both integrate with and enhance it), the concept, designed by Melbourne landscape designer Dan Gayfer is ultra contemporary and minimalistic but still highly aesthetic both during the day and night. As the pool exists in a courtyard environment and is situated directly outside the living space, it is the central feature of the garden from both inside and outside of the house.

The expertly crafted cascading water feature wall combined with the water feature in the pool add a striking and eye catching element to the design, with the small green hexagonal tiles both echoing and complementing the bold hexagonal pattern of the feature wall in the pavilion, tying all the elements of the design together to create a consolidated landscape.

This beautiful ceramic tiled pool, with bluestone coping is also incredibly low maintenance and efficient. Featuring an in floor cleaning system, it provides relaxation and joy without all the hard work of maintaining a pool.

In a small space such as this, it was important for this pool to be simplistic, practical and functional but still look amazing and add value to the property. The smart, elegant design as well as the clever use of space has achieved this, while the quality of materials and the skilled craftsmanship of the construction team have ensured that this pool is truly special.