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Engage Experience

A swimming pool can be a stunning addition to your home, but the decisions involved in its design and construction can often be complicated. Choosing the ideal location, deciding on what features you require and coordinating the remaining spaces in your garden are all critical to the successful integration of a pool in the landscape.

Enlisting the help of an experienced landscape designer will mean that these decisions are informed by professional advice, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and on budget. With Ian Barker & Associates, you can achieve exactly that.

Investing in a comprehensive landscape design at the outset of your project will mean that your pool can be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor space, optimising the remaining areas for alfresco entertaining, low maintenance gardening or space for children to play - specifically, your garden should be designed to suit your lifestyle.

The owners of the pool featured, Mike and Edwina, engaged Ian Barker & Associates for the design of their pool and surrounding landscape, and they came armed with a challenging design brief. They wanted to fit a full sized swimming pool and spa, alfresco dining area, kitchen garden and lawn in their narrow rear yard, and leave enough space to lounge by the pool.

There was also an existing timber deck that was to be integrated into the new design, not to mention the in-ground trampoline that the kids loved. The challenge for the designers was to accommodate all these elements in a cohesive and stylish landscape design that complemented the existing site conditions and functioned successfully.

It was also important to coordinate the pool and landscape design with the architectural qualities of the house. The sleek, contemporary style of the building called for clean geometric lines to be reflected in the shape of the pool. The paving and stack stone feature wall were designed in modern grey tones, contrasting against the striking cobalt blue pool tile that gives the water its iridescent glow.

Although space was limited, the design creates room both inside and outside the pool fence for sun lounges and outdoor entertaining, plus the existing lawn and trampoline were retained to allow space for the kids to play.

Once Ian Barker & Associates completed the landscape design, Enkipools were engaged to construct the pool. Working together in this way allows Ian Barker & Associates to manage an efficient construction period that minimises issues for the client.

“Having Ian Barker & Associates and Enkipools on board made building our pool and landscape so easy” says Mike, “I was confident that every day when I came home from work I would see progress”.

A swimming pool really is the ultimate water feature for your home. With a level of professionalism and service that only comes from 20 years experience in the industry, Ian Barker & Associates will ensure the design and construction of your swimming pool is a hassle free and rewarding experience.



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