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Northcote Pool


There are swimming pools and then once in awhile the chance to design something really special comes along. This family pool in Melbourne's inner north makes a beautiful statement, at all times of the day, all year round. Semi elevated out of the ground to counter differences in heights present in the yard, it presents a clear acrylic end to all viewpoints from the surrounding buildings.

The acrylic end not only creates a fun 'fish bowl' or 'aquarium' scene for both swimmers and viewers, but it also adds a striking and unusual element to both the swimming pool and surrounding landscape's design.  The pool dominates the space in the evenings.

Enkipools relishes in the opportunities afforded by clients who demand the best and most innovative design solutions for their swimming pools and gardens and our feature pool in Northcote allowed much exploration, inspiration and creativity.

The finer details of our unique feature swimming pool in Northcote, Melbourne are here:

Size:   8m long x 3.8m wide
Design:   Semi-elevated concrete pool with acrylic window, plus adjoinng fish pond and frameless glass surrounds
Depth:   1.2m to 1.8m
Interior:   Fully tiled with 20mm x 20mm glass mosaic tiles by Swimple, (white) for pool interior and CODE (black) for pond interior


1000mm x 1000mm "Bluestone" paving & Timber Decking

Pool Surrounds:


Elevated timber deck provides poolside space to sunbath and relax. Glass mosaic tiled interior with wrap to exterior creates a slick, contemporary feel to the swimming pool and garden overall. Acrylic window adds flair and dynamism, not often seen in an average back yard swimming pool.

Pool Equipment & Features:


Pentair Pool Pumps

Solar Heating

Gas Pool Heater

Electric Heat Pump

Paramount In-floor Cleaning System

Salt Chlorinator

Tagelus Media Filter

LED Lighting





Scott Tymkin, Enkipools Managing Director with Jamie Durie at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show. To date Scott and his team have received two prestigious Gold Medals from the Royal Horticultural Society.