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about-pool-design-photo Enkipools was born from a vision that unites industry leading construction techniques with contemporary and distinctive designs.

It is this combination of services that sets us apart from other pool builders and contributes to the outstanding reputation of Enkipools.

Unlike other pool building companies, Enkipools are not volume builders. Our emphasis is on quality and not quantity of projects. We have a vision of building the best projects and not the most projects. Whether we're helping design your pool from scratch, or providing a quotation on the construction of your pool, adequate time is given to each job to ensure that we're across every single detail. The individual attention given to each and every pool project we're involved in means outstanding results are achieved every time. Our clients are left feeling satisfied with both the product and the process and delivery of their project.

Enkipools specialise in the construction of integrated swimming pool and landscape projects in all areas of metropolitan Melbourne. Our construction team are highly skilled full time employees, removing pitfalls that come from using unknown subcontractors. Our design team are ready to create unique and intelligent pool designs that will suit your budget, your style and most importantly, your lifestyle requirements.

Whether you're looking for an appropriate designer recommendation for your new pool or surrounding landscape and don’t know where to start, or you require a quotation for the construction of your concrete swimming pool, Enkipools will enthusiastically embrace your project.

The best way to start is by making a phone call. We’d love the opportunity to offer advice and become involved in your swimming pool design or construction project.

Call us today on ph: 9899 2395.